A Place Where There's Nothing

April 7, 2008
By Jahaira Torres, Newark, DE

i have my hoody pulled over my head as i walk down the street and think about the words thatve been said
earphones blasting out lyrical healing,even after i tell myself i wont worry,i still have this feeling
i pick up my pace, the adrenaline is rushing,but i cant stop i need to find a place away from all this;;a place where theres nothing
nothing to stress over,and lose sleep,so i keep searching,but i seem to find a dead end at every corner,im still out even though the city is asleep
i kneel down to catch my breath,sweat forming in my palms,my head feels like its going thru a war,on the inside i feel bombs
the streetlight flickers && im brouqht back to my senses;;the the false statements and pretenses rush back
my heart begins to pound,and at that moment i feel as if oxygen is what i lack
i stand up, only to feel the cold breeze brush my cheek,i try to let out a murmur but i cant even speak
the thouqht of never finding peace crosses my mind,and i beqin to see ive been going in circles,its like i keep pressing rewind
i become entwined in this and steadily start to jog home,for this place where theres nothing is nowhere to be found

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