April 7, 2008
I never realized
I wasn’t myself
’till it was too late
Now I can’t find me
Feeding on my confusion
Living in sin
Downward spiral
Where do I commence?

No love for myself
No love for anyone else
Leaving me with
But questions
In need of answers

Show me
How it feels
To live a life without lies
Help me know
What to do
When you’re unknown to this place
That’s called home.

What do you do
When you live a replica life?
Nothing you say is real
Everything is
A blur
Of what it used to be
Looking through a window
Of someone else’s life
Trying to make
Your own

Trying to shape a life
That will never
Come together
Trying to shape a life
That will never
Be the same
Breaking everything
Everything that you touch
Hurting the only people
That you know
Love you
Can’t grasp it-
Giving nothing back

No one
Had ever told me
How to become
No one had ever
Told me
How to break away from
This repeating pattern

Holding on too tight
Bring me
To this other life
And surround me
Create me
Find me
And help me see
The love that
You give
Helping me love again
Be true again
Guide me to a life
Close to perfection

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