Goodbye Hurts

December 3, 2011
By Rambo4ever BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Rambo4ever BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Saying goodbye feels deeper than

a thousand little knives

stabbing your heart.

It takes a part of you from yourself

Gone. Gone. Gone with the wind.

Part of me breaks like a

soul taken from a body.

But you still live life in pain

that you can't get rid of

and there is no possible way to desert it.

You wish that you have never

been born, but your friends help you

discover your path in life.

Life is just a bumpy road.

Sometimes it's smooth,

Sometimes it's a little rough.

It seems like saying goodbye is forever.

It feels like telling someone I'm leaving and

never coming back.

It's like living in the dark

without a light to show the way.

Although goodbye hurts

you know they are meant to be.

And that one day they may return to

fill the part of life that left with them.

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