How to Soar

December 3, 2011
She sits there, daydreaming
Waiting for the passage of time
Ready to spread her wings
She's grown-up and learning to fly
Because life has been rough on her
Been forced to mature to fast
Maybe someday, someone will love her
Something this girl has never had
She knows on that day she'll be adored
She'll be able to put her guard down
No loner afraid of the people she blocked out
Prince Charming has finally come around

And he sits there, daydreaming
Of the girl he will someday meet
Hoping to feel what love really is
And be able to sweep her off her feet
Well this boy, is practically perfect
But his heart has broken too many times
Disappointment has chipped his soul
Making it hard for the angel to fly
But he knows, one day, she will come
So he tries and tries to find her
He knows on that day she'll take his breath away
Like trying to breathe under water

And they both sit there
not knowing they dream of each other
They're lives will collide and combine
It will give they're blank pages color
Fate will arrive at the front door
No longer learning to fly but how to soar

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