This Life

December 9, 2011
By DemiRose BRONZE, Walkula, Washington
DemiRose BRONZE, Walkula, Washington
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Is this the life that tragedies claim?
Putting every other night mare of mine into shame.
Or is this what it means to be alive?
Eating out your heart, tasting this strife.
Nothing in this life seems right. Not today. Not tonight.
Love dont live here, it doesn't even visit.
Hope is just a camouflage to cover whats really missin.
I forgotten what I can't forget.
Blows to the brain. Will I
Ever be able to seize this pain?
I don't wanna have to gamble on this life I chose. Or did I really get to choose at all.
Fears of mine melt into my chest.
Then it's like I'm home again.
Hell of where I was raised.
People thought I was just going through a phase.
But it's their control that pushes me further into this confusing state.
Of where this life took place.


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