Ode to my Mommy

December 9, 2011
By BurroFootball BRONZE, Hillsboro, North Dakota
BurroFootball BRONZE, Hillsboro, North Dakota
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For putting up with me, I’m
Surprised you’re not crazy
You’d do anything for me
Or any of my siblings
You always pick the best presents
And you’d even clean my pheasants
When in a crowd you shine the brightest
And your complexion is not the lightest
You may have purposely let my cat out
But by my side you stayed while I did pout
You were always picking me up
Even when you had to wean me off my sippy-cup
I could never imagine having a different mom
I’m sure glad that you met Tom
When writing this I felt at home

So for you I do write this poem

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my mom. She is a very nice lady who tried her best to raise me right. I will love her to the end and back.

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