"being so far"

December 9, 2011
The closer I am to you,
The farther I want to be
The things you say are lies,
That I try not to believe,

I want to forget you, I do
But I can’t imagine me without you,
Or you without me,
That’s a line I didn’t want to say

It’s something in which I try not to think
But that day will come and I don’t expect you
You to care for me

Falling for you was unexpected
You catching me was excepted
Everything we’ve ever had I wish I would
I forget it,

This is something that will take time
Something that does’nt just Go away
It’s not just a heart it’s broken in several different ways

It’s really hard being so close
And feeling so far
Being far from which something you wish
Would come close

To bad you don’t understand how I feel
You’re lucky because it hurts
The tears I cry for you aren’t worth the pain I go thru
This is something I can’t take something I don’t want to hear
Something I don’t want see, but its com, and
Its happening

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slaborin98 said...
Dec. 15, 2011 at 9:24 pm
please comment on my poem please!!!!
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