April 7, 2008
We watched as you started the end of the world
Keeping a secret, seeing this unfurl
Just like you planned to eliminate
Everyone else on this planet you were born to hate.
We saw you commanding your horrible crew
Blackened the sky, captured citizens, you've gone askew
If one thing that we could even try to do it's stopping you
If only we belonged here, our lives might not reek of pain.
Pain that showers us day and night, for hideous, we'll stay.
We'll start marching, our army of one
Out to get what you've begun
Nothing pretty will become undone
This whole world's ugly, since you've won.
We were sent in here to control your seize
Sent from a world where evil's like peace
All over, smothering, killing us all
But accept not with guns, with kindness, causing a ball
In the end of this war when you're down on the ground
You've been defeated by our ways, you can't help but sound

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