The Room is Cold

April 7, 2008
By Kathryn Hedges, Shoreline, WA

The room is cold, the lights are down, there's emptiness tonight
A numbness settles over me, I'm panic-struck with fright.
The words are whispered in my ear, a nonexistent being
"I'm helpless and alone," there's a present haunting feeling,
Imaginary finger tips send tingles down my spine
As they lightly brush my shoulder, truly evil, bogus swine.
Tries to convince me, I don't want to do wrong or cause harm
But the devil has captivated me with his dark, evil charm.
"Won't you help me? Don't you care?" His smooth voice lingers
Convincing to do wrong, tingles shoot down to my finger
My fingers lead me to a blade, the blade up to my eyes
My eyes caress the knife, like a long forgotten lie
Head spinning, heart thumping, thinking of evasions
Internal battle, who to believe, such hard persuasion
"Yes, my dear, that's good," steering me to the wrong direction
Sweet, moist teardrops stain my complexion
As if I were a blur, my vision fogs, it's hard to see
One harsh decision, and I'll soon be free
I bring the lie above my eyes,
I take a sigh and say goodbye.

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