November 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Ashamed as they fight against their fears,
Lonely and scared as they cry bloody tears,
They whimper for us to help save their souls,
As they lay there next to their empty food bowls,
They have bare spots and scars telling their truth,
Truth that their scared to remember their youth,
Their bones are chipped and brutally broken,
The pain in their eyes is their cries unspoken,
Whipped, strangled, smacked, and beaten,
It's a struggle to remember the last time they'd eaten,
They haven't had an ounce of loving in days,
It's a shame people don't help them from withering away.

The author's comments:
Although animal abuse is almost impossible to defeat, do your part, and defeat it where you can. Become bigger than it and it suddenly doesn't seem so hard.

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