December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

And there goes my heart. Struck down by your poison dart. You watch me struggle to keep my grip, you watch my heart drip. As an evil grin crosses your face, All I ever wanted was to be in your warm embrace. I might still be a kid, inexperienced in the fields of love, but no one will ever love you as much as I did. But now I'm falling apart, wandering if everything was just wrong from the start. I'm barely alive still, as the vultures fly above waiting for the kill. I lie here waiting for death to put me out of my misery, trying to think of our history. You use to be so kind, I must have been blind. Because all You are now is a cold hearted girl and every time I see you i hurl. Death has come for me with spite, so it is time for me to say goodnight.

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