April 6, 2008
Your smile, your touch
Your laugh, your love
Your skin, your lips
Your heart, your kiss
Your perfect baby can’t you see
You’re loved by somebody, but who could it be
Who can tell me that I can’t have you
I followed my heart and guess who it led to
A beautiful creature, a gift from above
From day one, I knew I found it, that thing called love.

You’re one of a kind, a queen of hearts
I promise there’ll be no end, so baby let’s start
I’m like a plane without its crew
A starving kid and you’re the only food
Baby I need you and you need me
Let’s get handcuffed together and toss the key.
Sweet as candy you give me that sugar high
Leaving for 5 minutes but I still can’t bear to say goodbye.

I’ll love you forever, I will never leave
Baby you know me, there is always something up my sleeve
Trying to make you fall for me, I always put on a show
Little did I know, I had you at hello
So baby just remember that year after year even after school
I will still be that kid looking at you dripping drool.

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