Story of a broken hearted girl

November 18, 2011
By AnaRayne BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AnaRayne BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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You crept up on my family
Tore them up to shreds
You broke my heart
Watched as I bled
I was a little girl and was unaware of what was going on
My family may have forgave you but my heart ache still lives on
Say sorry all you want
The cuts on my heart are way too deep
You left me in the cold looking for someone's warmth and heat
I was looking in the wrong place and got my heart broken once more
Just what I needed now
I'm in more pain than before
To me the sun never rose and the rose never bloomed
With the pain I felt I knew I was doomed
The walls were closing in
It was getting colder
On my chest I bore the weight of a two ton boulder
Then I met Him
His soul was a work of art
He put back together the shattered pieces of my heart
He put the smile back on my face and it was as if all the evil in my heart had been erased
Finally my long lost smile reappeared and the pain I've fought so long disappeared

The author's comments:
Iv been through a lot in my life. This is about when I had my family ripped right from under me an I used writing to help myself through this moment of sadness.

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