Sweet Nothings.

November 7, 2011
By , Mill Creek, WA
The cold night air freezing my face,
threatening to pull all my heat away.
His body close to mine, Keeping my safe from winters deadly grip.
Our Breath Intertwining, floating up into the dark night sky.
Only sound you can hear, is the shifting water below our feet,
And the beat of our hearts, every beat in sync.
Nose to nose, gazing deep into each others eyes.
Our lips meet softly, my heart skips a beat.
He whispers sweet nothings into my ear,
making the warmth of my blood rush to my cheeks.
Words flooding my mind, but none can seem to break free.
I feel like I am floating on cloud nine, high above the earth.
The world around us slowly disappears from our sight.
Every passing moment is now forever in our memory's.
The three words I have feared for so long,
Suddenly want to burst out of me, I love you.

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