A Definite Friend

April 6, 2008
You have a way of leaving me speechless
When I have the opportunity to describe you
There are so many things I could say
Yet, in a split-second, I can only think of a few.
Well, it's the way you light up my day
Every time I see your face,
And it's the unique things you tell me
That keep me in my place.
You have a way of making me feel,
A way of telling me everything is alright,
And you know you can call me anytime,
Even in the dead of night.
You're not afraid to tell me things
That nobody else would dare to say.
You've always tried to help me
In every possible way.
You laugh at my stupid jokes
When they're not funny at all,
And you know what to say in every situation
Even if you seem to be appalled.
And believe it or not, you're exactly like a rose
That tells a story within each petal, all the way around,
As gentle as the flower itself,
But as strong as the roots planted in the ground.
You're ready for most of whatever comes your way,
And you put up a fight.
You showed me the beauty of friendship
And told me your way of life.

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