The Darkness

April 6, 2008
The darkness pulsates with malice.
Smoke wraps around his jet-black hair,
and hangs, a shroud about him.
Shadows attempt to mask his features,
but the sharp, delicately masculine cheeks and nose shimmer with exotic beauty,
as the onyx pools of his eyes bore into the mirror before him…

The sunshine wraps protectively around him,
glistening off his corn colored hair.
His face, highlighted by the sun, shines a brilliance of its own.
The chiseled, smooth eyebrows arch in questioning,
accenting the full lips, pursed in confusion,
as his jade eyes gaze into the mirror before him…

He curls his fists in Black Rage.
Spasms grip his body,
as he wonders if the figure before him has known pain, suffering.
Fire scorches his eyes while he roars a primal scream,
yearning to smother the light before him.
He turns away, and retreats into himself…

He folds his hands against his body,
and leans toward the mirror a little more,
wondering if the creature before him has ever known love, beauty.
White light pours from his eyes, as he sings a single clear note,
determined to dispel the darkness before him.
He lowers his head, defeated…

As one, they look up,
seeing each other fully, and knowing that they are one.
A glorious darkness and a perfect light,
sharing the same beautiful features, and smoldering eyes
which beg the question…
Who is real…and who, the reflection?

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