April 6, 2008
By Colleen McQuaide, Solon, OH

She walks the long and winding road
Hoping to get to the place she longs to call home.
Tragedy struck and all color vanished from life.
No longer did she feel safe.

But the rise and fall of those immaculate waves,
The vibrant blue awoke her sleeping senses.
The sun reflected off the surface making everything that wonderful shade.
And when he held her hand, time ceased to exist.
For her life was better when they were together.

His favorite color was blue and his favorite place was the beach.
When he talked things happened.
The water danced and her heart came alive.
His arms were safe and a place she could call home.
That feeling was all she wanted.

She walks the long and winding road.
Breathing in the crisp air and feeling the rain hit her freezing cheeks.
Warmth and security don’t seem to exist ever since that fateful day.
Why did the night take him?

How she would give anything to go back to that beach.
To see the blue ocean, eyes, and him.
To feel safe.
To feel at home.
He was home.
But as day turns into the blue night, she realizes she no longer has either.

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