The Color PINK

December 6, 2011
By MadDawg24 BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
MadDawg24 BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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The flamingo pink color of her designer dress she goes out in,
The color of the strawberry daiquiri he buys her,
Their moist soft lips meeting,
Her rosy cheeks in the winter,
The special one year anniversary, decadent fuchsia lip gloss,
The most romantic day of the year,
Aftermath of the lipstick on his cheek,
Her sparkling pink diamond engagement ring,
The frosted pink color of their ruffled tiered cake icing,
The manly pink ties and flowers of the groomsmen,
The different shades of silk chair covers,
The sultry light pink kiss that unites them as one,
The wife’s choice, electric pink Cadillac that drives them away,
Her warm rich hot pink bikini in the sun on their tropical honeymoon,
The cotton candy pink color mixed into the beautiful sunset,
Her petal pink fingers and toes in the sand,
The heart of rose pedals leading to her bedroom,
The brand of her favorite Victoria Secret lingerie,
The pansy colored house key she got specially made,
The little pink blanket their new baby girl is wrapped in,
Her tiny lips, puckered,
The naturally pinkish nude tongue peeking between them,
The pinky color on the bottom of itty-bitty crumpled feet,
The girly nursery decked out in strawberry shortcake colors,
The mini high heels she wears as she is taking her first steps,
The petal pink earrings that make a pierce through her ears,
Her favorite color,
The color that brought them together.

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