Remember Me

April 6, 2008
From the beginning of if all
You have been the one i can call
To help me get past every wall

but not this time
It is time to fly like a dove
To be with my father above
And be surrounded with all his love

But be for I go
I just need to know,
will you...

remember me

All the times that we shared
With friends for which we cared
Times so great, nothing compared

remember me

When it was just you and i
So,so happy i could cry
Your my best friend and that's no lie

So remember me

All the struggles, all the fights
Choking pain oh so tight
Anger wild and unchain
Though our friendship still remain

Please remember me

Through all the good and the bad
Countless times you have made me mad
But i love you and would never want to see you sad

So promise me one thing
Before i join the angles and sing

remember me

Do not remember my face

remember me

With a smile full of grace

remember me

Knowing we will see each other there

remember me

In a land of no despair

remember me
remember me
my friend, remember me

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