April 6, 2008
By Catherina Yang, Syosset, NY

How The Harvester Stole Childhood

The harvester is boss so
when Judgment day arrives
the fruits of the fruit tree wait
dangling with ripe potentials.
The harvester comes along and
the fruits straighten in an anticipated stance
waiting to be picked and ready to shine.
They were told that one day
they would be able to blossom and make a dent
in life outside of the fruit tree.
Unfortunately, opportunity has failed again;
The harvester perfunctorily examines and
leaves to gaze at some other more ripe fruit—
Young seedlings, oh how they dream
every minute in their hopeful lives.
The harvester favors the red and less firm—
The fruit desperately try
holding their breath until crimson,
beating their skin until tender,
molding their body until round,
destroying social generosity and amiability
to prevent holes and brown marks.
Irritability and excessive competition arises—
And only greed fills the fruit tree.
The harvester visits back,
but with the sudden change
from jolly confident fruit
to distracted fraught products,
opportunity becomes amiss;
The harvester leaves without a goodbye—
As fall and winter arrive, the once young jovial fruit
Wither away with the innocent guilt
Of falling.
"This will certify that the above work is completely original."
Catherina Yang

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