Are WE There?

April 6, 2008
By Erica Playford, Augusta, GA

There’s the morning rays
It’s not scorching but bright, so bright
Bright as so to make the skin fear of burning
Passing cars bear with them the sun’s glow
That rides the windshields

Are we there?

Two children lay in the back of a jeep
Wrapped in a brown blanket of comfort and warmth
Heat that soothes and forgets them the passing cars
And their rays and hot asphalt they ride on

Are we there?

Hear the muffled sound of rubber running along the highway
And tired words of worn parents driving, traveling,
The two children lift their dampened heads

Are we there?

Impatience as the sweat glistens off their endearing foreheads
Impatience and excitement for what’s to come
Excitement yet exhaustion from the hot comfort of recent sleep

Are we there?

Sleep now gone from youth’s eyes
Hot light has receded as the destination comes into view
Together they leave the jeep
Feet once again familiar with the cold concrete

It is here, we are there.

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