Stuck Under a Rock

April 6, 2008
Bare toes wriggle through the green grass wet with friendly dew.
Freedom moisturizes with eternal blithe.
A curious nose takes in a deep refreshing breath of nature’s perfume.
The nostalgic smell isn’t too strong and it warmly surrounds the naked soul.
Loving sensitive hands embrace the wind’s gentile touch.
It whispers words of assurance, giving strength to battle life’s weeds.
Welcoming arms hug life and clench its everlasting vitality.
Determination grasps for the white light at the end of the dirt path.
Innocent ears give way to nature’s rumors traveling from squirrels to rabbits.
Remain suspended as if a part of the never-stopping world of gossip.
Wandering legs carouse through the blissful enigmatic forest.
Rest upon a gray rock with fingers caressing through the rock’s rough visage.
Premature biceps manage to wrestle the rock and turn it upside down.
Disappointed to find nothing, but black dirt and depressing emptiness.
Drowning eyes trickle rivers of hopelessness and frustration.
Can’t find the way back to the light and the security that illuminates from it.
The once jovial beating heart is now broken and weighs down to the ground.
Sorry for losing the path that nature had given, letting go of trust and its stability.
Stuck Under a Rock

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