life gone wrong

December 6, 2011
By shields1234 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
shields1234 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Life Gone Wrong
I have never seen you like this before,
Your smile has faded,
It is so over rated.
My life is just a dream,
I look up and see that big bright beam.
I know that you are looking down at me,
I can’t let it be.
You have been there for me my whole life,
And for you to leave me, breaks my heart.
Life is like a puzzle,
We have to put the right piece in the right spot,
And if not,
Then we may have some difficulties.
We all have bumps in the road that we choose to take,
Just come with me and life will be all right.
I miss you dearly,
And I bet you never thought (I love you).
I hope you can hear me.
I say this now
So later I don’t have to take a bow.
You are so close to my heart.
I wish the choice was made more clearly,
And I will always hold you very near.
Come with me and life will be all right.
You thought you were going to make it,
We all did.
At one time.
So I say my prayer every night
Thinking you might come and be my knight
I still love you
Even though you are in a better place now
I Say to myself I never thought you would leave me
Please come back
My life is on hold
Just come back.
I miss you more than anything in the whole world.
You held the other side of me when I was not feeling well,
And your life was just right beside that bell.
I wish you were here
And I will always hold you very near
I love you Pickle.

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