Picturesque Reminiscence

April 6, 2008
By Mimi Niggel, Pottstown, PA

Not long ago,
She was your art,
Pale and undefined,
The colors of your heart.

Each day you see,
The lines etched her face,
Trace shadows,
A cold and unfamiliar place.

Paint a picture,
Worth a thousand words,
Make sure none of,
Them are ever heard.

Paint a portrait-
To immortalize,
Paint a landscape-
To memorize.

Here you stand,
Missing her grace,
Wishing you could be erased,
Aghast by her black lace.

Tears spill,
Memories in bright color,
But you prefer to remember,
Painted memories in watercolor-

That painted a picture,
Worth a thousand words,
None of them,
Ever heard.

Painted the portrait-
That immortalized,
Painted the landscape,
That was memorized.

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