Coming Back Home

December 5, 2011
By JD_Ross PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
JD_Ross PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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in the woods
to pace your
Hard to find a way
to the roots you knew as
a child
Missing from the warm shack
that is known as
Searching for a glimpse of a familiar face
Becoming desperate
for the old tune of the birds
and the Christmas lights
out at June
all looking the same looking up
at the glistening night sky
Searching for that night star
that is to lead you
to that picket fence
where your friends and family are
Lost from the haze
on why you left
of why you ran
and never came back
to the swing tied to the tree branch
till’ you finally
have forgotten
where you are from
gone for so
and now returning
to western roots
that left you
as you went north like most birds,
leaving the nest
Lost from who you used to be
back to that old country swing
Letting the past come
in as you remember
the route home
to where you belong
To where you know
how to feel
like your apart of something more
than just another
pupil on the map
but apart of an expanded
horizon of family.

The author's comments:
I had to write a poem from a picture that photo took. I think that this poem sounds somewhat like that movie Sweet Home Alabama that they show on the channel USA alot :) haha So yup... :)

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