The Pain of My Sword

April 6, 2008
Screaming, death, pain, and fright
Mothers holding their chrildren with all their might
Fathers trying so hard to put up a fight
The sluaghter of my people this night

When the king arose a real fight begun
And on this nigh a true victory was won
We showed those beasts that this is our domain
But when we looked around we saw what little remained

We looked at our people lying in the mud
Women and children covered in blood
Even the ealderly that could not defend
Were dragged by the hair and brought their end

I knew that they attacked only to gain land
But the pain I felt could not bring me to understand
Though if anything, one thing was known
To all, their foolish mistakes will be shown

Thoes fools will know the depth of our power
So fearful and great it will make them cower
But let them beg, let them cry
I swear to you they will still die

For never shall our revenge be done
Till none of them remain, none but one
That foolish king who slaughtered my kin
Will feel the pain of my sword piercing his skin

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