April 6, 2008
By Cameron Lewis, Helena, AL

Love to me is the feeling you get after spending way too much time with someone else
Or after you realize you need someone other than yourself to make you happy
At least thats what it used to be
Now love to me is having someone to show it
Someone to give it to but only in moments cause I could never live it
See I got this uncanny ability to receive and give it but also change it
Love loves me but I can never maintain it
I can only wish to have it
Its like the wind blowing by
I can see it,feel it but I cant quite grasp it
The intangible object that got most of our lives going in cycles
We love,lust,and we live and there is no real reason to change it
Unless you want to get married then you cant blame it for staying
Those who want to be in love should break the curse
Jump into it
Love can be fun I just choose not to do it..often

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