Stuck Between Yesterdays

April 6, 2008
I’m stuck between yesterdays
With your three words of “I hate you”
Which got me questioning if I should make it to tomorrow?
My heart filled with sorrow and my mind filled with anguish
I know what I did was stupid and I’m sorry
But some how that doesn’t make it to today
Cause for now I will be forever stuck in yesterday
“I hate you”
Words that I never knew could make me feel so stupid
Words that make me…want to be able to say something
But I can’t
Only words that come to mind is “I’m sorry”
I know its doesn’t make up for the part of your life I ruined
But for me it brings me a little closer to your forgiveness
Which I chose to hope for in the future
Hoping that one day in your heart you will let me have it
A word so heavy that even in my short life time I have yet to be able to grasp it
So I’m choosing not to hold it
That’s why I said “You can’t hate me?”
Cause right now I’m still stuck in the moment..

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