April 6, 2008
Why is it that happiness takes part of our lives?
Why is it that its where sorrow also strives?
Why is it that the ones we love the most,
always are the first to go?
Why is it that people discriminate other people for who they are?
Doesnt really matter where you from, near or far.
Why is it that our soldiers go over to Iraq?
Some come home safely, some don't make it back.
Why is it that the children die with cancer so very young?
They lost out on life, before it even begun.
Why is it that violence is in the air in which we breathe?
the same air traveling throughout you and me.
Why is it that we let the little things slip by?
Thinking that the bigger ones are the ones which hold the prize.
Why is it that we have such an unsafe world?
This isn't what we need for all the boys and girls.
Why is it that when someone wants you to know and then tries?
You never take a step back to even realize.
Why is it that I am pouring my soul out to you?
When your probably not even getting one single clue.
Why is it that I care so much about you all?
Why is it that I wish NO ONE had to fall?
Why is it that the world is more unqie than it seems?
One day it is perfect, the next it is unclean.
Why is it that the people of the world will not unite?
Instead we have our wars, and we ALWAYS put up a fight?
Why is it that as we live our lives, we wonder if we will see tomorrow?
Knowing that it could end and be filled with tears and sorrow.
Why is it that I love my life just the way it is?
Even though chaos is part of whats within.
Why is it no ones life is perfectly grand?
Why don't people stop just to lend a helping hand?
Why is it people lie, cheat, kill, and cry?
Why is it we let the signs keep passing us on by?
Why is it we all need to confess and stand up for what is right?
Why do you need to read this, because this is WHY I CRY.

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