Football Boast

December 5, 2011
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I am the genuine, genius Justin.
Who eats and sleeps the fantastically fun game of football.
You are looking at the future of your fantasy NFL football.

I am the perfect player to pick,
My superb statistics will be no match.
The whole world will be wearing my wonderful jersey.
Athleticism appears apparent to me.
No position pushes me away from my place, I play it all.
The energetic ‘ends’ are where to be.
I am the tall tone tight-end and the deadly defensive-end.
I have hauling hands.
Crazy, creative catches; whatever comes my way is continuously caught.
I run rough routes; precise and perfect.

Always available as asked.
Consistently containing, covering my component of the field.
No one gets outside of me.
I make tremendous trucking tackles and severe sacks.
Query Quarterbacks quail in vain.
I am too great the coaches constantly cry out in compliments,
along with the talented team.
Running a risky rush-offense and a demolishing dominant defense

is what we win with.
Vicious victories get paid off from hard work,
working out with weights that are what we do.
Outstanding off-season outside workouts,
with our must make Varsity mind-set.
Predicting our playoffs position in pre-season,
while working out in the weight room.
We know we have a trustworthy team,
which will soar us to success.
Seeking success especially for our supporting sidelines.
Prevail is praised on by our parents.
Always aiding our needed assistance,

the family finds a forceless way to fix it.
Having a phenomenal family feels fabulous,

from my fond father, and motivational mother,
To a special sister, and gorgeous girlfriend,

what more can I ask for? I have it all.
Football’s hero will cautiously carry on the legacy,

behind my ancient ancestor’s name.
I will form a family of fame with frequent fans;
as I fly down my football field of life,
Fans asking for autographs and provoking pictures,
living in massive mansions will be the least.
Various vacation hot spots around Aruba,
and my own pricey private plane.
Green and white on whatever I want to wear.
Jets’ kingdom will soon be mine.

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