April 5, 2008
By Hai Ree Moon, North Vancouver, ZZ

An enigmatic being
But also the greatest composer
Who composed the soul kindling pieces
A genius, who portrayed
His sorrow, his grudge and his tinge of happiness
But also his immeasurable passion
The legend of this musical prodigy still stands
And his music still whispers
The bitter yet the passionate words
Representing each of his sorrowful steps
That made him mature enough to become
The true artist who accomplished his overwhelming passion

This eccentric being, a deaf artist
Who often yelled to hear his own voice
Out of the earnest hopes
Only heard the pervading silence
That devastated his soul
And the pitiless world came down on him
With no hands to spare
As he fell into utter grief

But Beethoven, an anxious, young lad
Who had so much to express
And who underwent the greatest obstacles of life
Composed his flaring desire in music
That gave admiration and hope
To everyone in his time
And till this day, through his astonishing music
He provokes our innate sensations

His soul and his essence soar as high
Like a brave eagle who guards his realm
And through each of his notes
He makes his listeners perceive the complex emotions
That burdened his heart

A true genius of all times
The hero who gave breath to music
Now lies peacefully asleep
But his presence is still felt
Through his compositions
Leading us into his enigmatic world

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