Because of You

December 6, 2011
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Loosing myself in the slow dancing translucent rivers in your eyes.
Broken and cold I listening to all your bitter lies.
Your not the only one who sits alone in the dark and crys.

Forgetting what brings you to the past.
Only to find that your life well never last.
An over you a darkness shall be cast.

Because of you I am numb on the inside.
My true feelings from you I well choose to hide.
You destroyed all of whats left of my pride.
You'll never know how much I've cried.
You'll never see the part of me that has died.

Shattering and corrupted my heart well always belong to you.
The devastating sorrow and despair makes me wish to disappear.
I wish that i could once again think clear.
Please say forever you'll be hear.

I want to tell you that love is something two people share.
An my time is now coming near.
As i lay hear i take my last gasp of air.
As you watch i slowly start to disappear.
You never showed that you really did care.
Now I am no longer hear.

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