Mothers Love

November 7, 2011
By Kayla Weishaar BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
Kayla Weishaar BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
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It hurt to say
Go ahead and take 'em away
As the taillights glow
I try not to let my emotions show
It was like yesterday when I used to watch him sleep
And now all I do is weep
And all he does is drink
Only every day of the week
I watched the cop lay down the law
And I couldn't believe what i saw
My little boy being taken away
I want to see him back someday
He will have to grow in jail
Does he honestly expect me to pay his bail
Violent fists
And drunken lisps
I will never expect another kiss
The one thing mothers miss
Forgive me for what I had to do
Somebody needed to rescue you
Every mother knows best
Even when you think we are just obsessed
Your large head has led you the wrong way
If only your heart was here to stay
I hope one day you realize
I was never trying to say goodbye
I will never stop thinking about you
Because you will always be my little boo

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