Fields of mud and fake grass

November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Okay I know I am not perfect. Maybe I could be that whole rich mean soccer player. Maybe I could be that stuck up gymnastics kid who is perfect at everything. Well you know if I was all those things and more I sure wouldn’t be the person I am today. If I was I wouldn’t be week and boring. I wouldn’t be shy, I can tell you that for sure. I would be a jerk and so I would be popular because everybody was scared of me and if they weren’t my friend they would be the people I would put down twenty four seven. I all ways think about who I would be if I ended up doing all those things. To be cruel and rude. I sure wouldn’t let the adult peers of mine know who I really was. Maybe I would act all sweet and innocent and be the teacher’s pet. Then the teacher wouldn’t suspect anything I did was wrong. They would know if I had a mean bone in this massive body I have to present to all my fellow eighth graders.

If I was born like the soccer players at my school and rich I would defiantly show how rich and snobby I was. Then nobody would pick on me or be rude. I would say like after every sentence and um when I got to a slow part of my conversation. I would ware those ranger jackets to show off how amazing I am. I would brag that I even got to be in the rangers A team. I would share that I had no life and all I did was play in dirty fields of mud and fake grass. Telling people how many goals I could make in one quarter of my game. Everybody would tell me I was great. Then last and finally I could get one of the fancy scholarships to a huge collage that everyone on this planet would kill to go to. It’s all a magic fairytale that all us poor kids as I would say have to suffer and hate the people who take advantage of everything they have. Then us poor ones are sitting in the audience thanking all that we have and earn. Not what our daddy’s can pay to buy us.

I hate it we are poor and we have nothing but crap to live off. How is it that all the snooty booties get things handed to them? I have many of that type of person at my school. They are everywhere and they don’t care about if you dropped your books in the hallway. One time I was in science my teacher had me answer a question and so when I did I got the question wrong. I’m thinking okay so what I got that wrong and now I have learned something new. I looked around and I was getting glares and the look on people’s faces that said dude your are so stupid. That is the main reason why I never raise my hand in class because if I make one mistake on the simplest thing I get judged just like that. What happened to nobodies perfect? Well it’s dead and gone.

Maybe I just miss the niceness of people who were born in the olden times of the 1800’s. People were civilized and talked like they a slow motioned soft voice in them. They said things that were brilliant and nothing was embarrassing. You just did stuff to please yourself. Nobody cared about how you dressed or how you act as long as you were nice. This is just a self opinion on the people of the hard times with kindness. Can you blame me for wanting to have a non violent life style or nice people? Now I know I am not being too nice to about all my fellow classmates of Fairhaven middle school. I really come off meaner then I really am. I don’t mean to offend any person on this world who plays a certain sport. I play sports myself. I just don’t play soccer. The funny thing is I do gymnastics and yet I am criticizing my favorite sport on this planet. So I guess I am offending myself as well. Or maybe I am jealous of everybody.

The author's comments:
This peice was made up by what i was mad about one day.

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