Lost At Sea

April 5, 2008
By Brittany Ely, Durham, NC

The sky above looks depressed
And the clouds release their sweet tears of sorrow
The wind brushes down my back hiding from the worst to come
And my boat slowly rocking
Long distant and away from the shore I am
I realize I have not much time
Support is short
And the strength of my boat is weakening
The sounds of the water rushing downstream scares me
The pounding in my body slowly stops
My heart drops
Huge rocks of destruction pound my cover
Tipping and rowing I go
What was my shield is now gone
But the only thing I have is hope
Fog hides me from pain
Light seeping in the clouds bleeds through the sky,
Giving me a sign that I am all right
Flashing lights lead me to the land of life
And from there my boat crashes
Dragging my body on the warm sand
I feel relieved
The skies clouds began to cheer up
And the wind begins to dance around my face
My heart is now high
I am reborn.

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