Within the Ranks

April 5, 2008
By Tre'vell Anderson, Columbia, SC

Within the ranks is where I involuntarily am
Demanded to say the words yes sir and yes ma’am
Not that I wouldn’t do so if I was given a choice
But just waiting for the chance to express my voice
Hidden within the ranks is where you longed to be
Don’t force your true corporate dreams upon me
Dividing home and work is what you can’t seem to grasp
Your overprotective rights need to unclasp
Living in the force not wearing any blues or greens
Not allowed to experience being a teen
We are the true backbones of the military force
We support the soldiers in their every course
Engulfed in the ranks we’ve become accustomed to
Not really knowing what we are ‘allowed’ to do
Dreading the stories of privates and tanks
Just waiting to turn eighteen and be released from within the ranks.

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