Dreaming Of You

April 5, 2008
By Jamie Harrings, St. Anthony, IA

I just keep on dreaming all
I do is keep on dreaming of you,
‘cause I don’t want to be as
Bad as I was back then.
I hurt you to much then,
and don’t want to do that again,
Or else I’ll lose you again.

So all I got to do is keep on
dreaming, of you.
I don’t want to break us apart again.
So just give me a reason to believe,
And don’t hold anything back.
And all I have to do is
Keep on dreaming of you.

Just think twice before you do
Anything, but I know that
You can take me higher to
A place where I feel at peace,
And can keep on dreaming of you.
But I still I miss you and still need you,
And need you and miss you.

And I know just what to say and
I know what just to do when
You are right there by my side,
And I just wanted to say that I love you.
And I see you with arms wide open,
But then I realize I was just dreaming
Of you and, I wish I hadn’t hurt you before.

Now I have no idea what to say,
Or a clue on what to do with out you.
All I can do is just keep on dreaming
Keep on dreaming of you.
And I know I cant say no to you.

All I hope is that I won’t lose any sleep
Over you tonight or any other night.
But I know that isn’t true, and
I am going to miss dreaming of you,
So I hope I can keep on dreaming.

And all I can do is keep on missing you,
Keep on wishing I hadn’t hurt you, and
Keep on dreaming of you and I never
Really knew how much I would miss
You until you were gone and I knew
I would keep dreaming dreams about you.

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