Most People...

April 5, 2008
Most people hate me until they meet me cause
They don’t understand me
Or the fact that they want to be me
See I make life look easy
Kinda in the way I rather laugh than say I’m sorry
Cause most people don’t understand it’s true meaning anyway
I’m sorry
You laugh at it as if I couldn’t buy it
Or if I’m wearing pants 3 sizes to small
So why should I even try it
Hate me
Cause I can understand why you would want to do that anyway
It’s easy
Blame me for making your life complicated
Cause you want to
Don’t apologize
Just do what you want to
In the end I’ll get through it
With no special phrases
Some how I just do it
Walk away, leave
Cause you know thats what I’m used to
Although it happens so much
I could never really get used to..

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