False Revenge

April 5, 2008
By Kaitlyn Gartner, Minneapolis, MN

They made it seem so simple
They made it look so real
They put on their masks each and every day
So that many a dream could they steal

But in the end they were found out
In the end we all learned what they knew
And deep down what we had always known
We had always hoped it wouldn’t be true

But with night came the dark secrets
Shadows and spirits that danced round the room
They were the only ones to fear not
For in their hearts they always shut out the gloom

But the storm couldn’t be held away forever
So one day all hell was unleashed
They always knew they’d be the first to leave
And all guilt would be released

They made life seem so simple
They made the charade look so real
They put on the disguises each morning
But in the end it was in front of us they would kneel

For we knew that time would forgive
But not to them would it be so kind
For they never played the game fairly
No savior did they every seek nor find

It had never been so simple
The colors never looked just as real
For when we watched that sad scene
Everything we knew began to heal

They had wronged us and we knew it
They had given us false hope
Pretending life was so ample
Acting the part as a joke

And karma is as karma does
And lord knows they got what they deserved
But did they really treat us any different
Or did they just get on our nerves

Had they really helped us all along
Did they show us the right way
Were we the blind ones on the road
Blocking the sunlight from the day

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