Wikipedia Told Me...

April 5, 2008
By Phoebe Nir, New York, NY

Wikipedia told me in 1915,?
Walter Cannon theorized that it's adrenaline?
that explodes through our veins when we sense a threat.
?He's been dead 60 years, but we still don't forget,
?for he gave it a name that won our adoration:
?with monosyllables and alliteration.?
This name, which won it's societal espousal's?
quite catchy for meaning "locus hyperarousal."
?For years, Cannon's name has provided insight
?for how we deal with danger. The name? Fight or flight.??
Fight or flight. Well, the option that holds the attraction
?is to spread your wings, and avoid violent action.
?When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
?But what if you took off, and your lemons stayed?
?Birds can fly to escape what they can't undergo,?
like big German Shepherds, Dick Cheney, or snow.
?Pick up and move! Do something drastic!?
Sorry, lemons, but coconut weather's fantastic.?
But before you book tickets at the Club Med,
?Little Birdie, remember what Emerson said:?
Your giant will follow you 'till you are dead.?
Though physically, you may have escaped your hell,
?if you don't fix the problem, you can't help but dwell.?
Your giant says untill you're out of the woods,
?like a huge body guard through the bad neighborhoods.
?And flying of fleeing will make matters worse?
if you've a Goliath along in your purse.
?You stand in his shadow, no shadow of doubt:
?you're not flying! You're fleeing, and chickening out.?
?We all know, chickens can't fly, they can only flee?
as they cluck round the henhouse solicitiously.
?They have wings, but they're too afraid to fly the coop,
?so they wait, as a flock, to become chicken soup.
?That chicken could fly if it weren't a putz,
?but what it has in wingspan, it lacks in guts.
?If just one chicken tried, it would set off a trend!?
Even if it failed, it inspired its friend.
?And flight for a chicken would be quite a coup:?
Look! It's contagious! The avian flew!?
That one chicken had chutzpa, it's not a conformer:
?Now in winter, they freeze, when he flies somewhere warmer.
?Flight's not always freedom if you fly in formation,?
if you don't break the ranks, or outreach your station.?But our chicken's on death row, about to be gored;
?complacency's one thing he cannot afford.
?He has walls and a predator: he can die,
?or forgo the fleeing, and fight to fly!
?He faught to fly, not to flee!?It's confusing,
but fights of importance?quite rarely have bruising.
?He flies unburdened, for his problem's resolved:
?he deserves this celestial frontier, unwalled.
?His friends should follow suit, but if they cannot fight,?
they're only chickens, they accept their plight.
?He, however, had courage to face adversity!?He faught, and won, so it could have gone worsity!
?THe point is that he took a path that is regal.?
So make your cock fight! (Except dont: That's illegal.)

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