In the Deepest Darkest Corners

April 5, 2008
i hide in the deepest darkest corners
afraid that if i tell my real thoughts and feelings that you might want to run
so i act like someone im not
i look like someone im not
i feel like someone im not
and you think you know me so well
but in reality im just a stranger
and the person you think you met isnt even real i act like everything is fine
but on the inside you have no idea
im full of pain and hurt . from stuff that has happened way back when
i try and try to let go of the past but somehow it just all keeps coming back and the reason im so afraid to let you or anyone else in is because everytime i try to they just get ripped away from me and im left with nothing just as if they werent even there to begin with i hide in the deepest darkest corners but im ready to explode i cant go on pretending im ok when im not im done acting like im fine cause im not so when you look at me and think you know what im all about
your just wrong and when i dont get close to you its not because you did anything wrong its because im afraid you'll get ripped away from me just like everyone else i used to always hide in the shadows but now im coming clean i cant stand this anymore im setting myself free

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