What is Love if not a Mystery?

November 10, 2011
What is love other than a mystery waiting to be solved? The biggest question we all want to know is how long will it take before I solve it for me and find the one that is my world. What if the one is right in front of us and we never know it. That is the worst heartache there is. The key is to take a leap of faith and tell them how you really feel no matter what because you could find your dream come true. Take a chance and go for the one you love otherwise you might always wonder what could have been. Don't be afraid to open up because you are the only one who has the power to make the most out of your life. What will be will be, but we already lose this game if we don't even try. You know the one will love you for all of what you are, that is when they are worth waiting and going for in the first place. If you truly love them then you won't try to change them because they are everything in your eyes. Good and and bad you take it all, while only seeing the soul you know is true when you look in their eyes. It is a feeling where all you see is them as your world, and being with them feels like forever, as if time has stopped. All you need is them to complete as the missing piece in your heart. Stay together and never let go because all you need is the one who understands you most, to hold you tight and make everything better when the world falls apart. They build you up again when nothing seems worth it and give you reason to be strong. The real challenge is using what you learn from lost love to make every chance last forever one day. Over time there is a glimmer of hope that a love from the past will be in your future. All we can do is wait to be found knowing that one day the search will end with our dream come true. Until then we have to be honest and fearless going for who we want, while meaning everything we say if what we feel is true. Be there to catch them if they fall, otherwise all the words become meaningless once we let them crash to the ground. Love may be a mystery, but it is not a lie when it is real. When it is real never let it go.

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