November 10, 2011
.All around us people change, however we must decide if it is for the better. If not we must learn to let go. The hardest times to let go, are when tears start to pour and it feels like they will never stop. Smiling will stop the tears. Even when we feel worthless to the rest of the world, there are people who think you are their sunshine. When you feel dead inside hold on to those who put the life back into your heart. The people who love you are worth a lifetime, and they are the ones you would do anything for no matter the cost. However, those who chose to lose you because you were not important enough are not worth missing, but don't think evil of the memories you made with them. Cherish those memories of the way life used to be with a smile on your face, the key is not to let the past keep you hidden from the future. Don't let the changed hate of others suck you into a dark whole of pain, instead embrace it. If we all decide to embrace changes we will be stronger with stories to tell others of what we went through, making our lives full of adventures. So when the tears fall feel thankful, because eventually we will be better off with what ends up happening. Life and the people in it will always change, and the friends who never let go will always make you happy. This is true, because the ones who stick around tend to know us better than ourselves. They will dry the tears we shed and bring out the sun in the dark. Sure, when looking back on the past we will miss the ones we lost and wonder what would have happened if they had not overcome themselves with hatred, but we must look forward to the future while remembering the past that brings us there.

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