November 23, 2011
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Fuzzy, blurry, out of focus,
Thoughts flashing in are swiftly pushed out,
Replaced by the familiar fog
That covers my mind in unsure doubt--
I never know anything for sure.

Days drag by without snaring interest,
For my thoughts are worlds far away.
Nothing can hold me to the ground;
But I guess that's the price I pay
For prize of delicious escape.

Yet, my grades do suffer sharp fate;
I'm easily overlooked, left behind.
And is not the loneliest thing
Isolation in one's own mind?
Perchance it be more a curse.

But, alas, it is then MY curse;
Not many can see the things I see
or live the secret lives I live
In worlds outside of reality,
Dangling time on a broken chain.

I don't notice the icy hue
Settling over the freezing land;
I couldn't tell you obvious facts,
But I can write adventures grand;
In truth, I wouldn't give this up.

Living in a world of daydreams
Is complicated, without a doubt;
Intricate, and as piercingly lonely
As a wolf's howl, echoing, fading out.
Yet, without it, I couldn't cope.

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust,
I can create sunrises where there
Exists only the goodbyes of sunsets;
Between black and white, is my lair--
The gray a heavenly, daring respite.

I could travel to the farthest ends
of the earth, for the answers I seek,
I could learn everything, yet nothing
at all, for this world isn't what I need.
Nowhere's as beautiful as a dream.

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