Swift as the Wind

November 23, 2011
By Pikachu99 BRONZE, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
Pikachu99 BRONZE, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
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It swelled up my lungs
making it hard to breath
felt like I swallowed something
a large pill that wouldn't leave

Tears fell from my eyes
blurring my vision
Like one of those daggers
trying to make an incision

Looking through the window with the crack
I tried to get up, just to only fall back
Finally I smiled as my soul felt free
then closed my eyes and said a silent plea

I never would've guessed
that dying was going to hurt
but as fast as it came
I was at peace

The author's comments:
Wrote this in 7th grade....not much to say except the fact I can't remember why I wrote it :/

By the way, this is Pikachu99's sister....just thought you should know ^-^

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