My Mexican life

April 5, 2008
By Areli Nva, Parck City, UT

Am a proud Mexican with love inside

Fighting for what I want
And working breally hard

Going to school to get a degree
To help my parents
Because I don't want them
To be working on something that
Is very hard

Trying to keep my grades up
Trying to be in the right track
Trying to not get into drugs
And always make good choises

Sometimes I see my friends
Skipping class
Doing things that are wrong
But I don't jogged them

They will recognize their errors
But the hard part is that
They recognize that when is too late

I want to be the example
Of all the Mexicans
That going to collage
And getting a degree is
Something to be proud of

I want to show you that
Just because we are Mexicans
Does not mean that
We are not smart

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