April 5, 2008
By Sophie Christiano, Hendersonville, NC

The tiny comforter on the sand floor,
where coral crumbles in the tide,
and flowing sea hair tangles for
the bright little fish to live inside.

Rolling slowly over the sea sand,
the tiny creature being tugged,
and lifted up from the ocean land,
in the tide's arms, tightly hugged.

Rocked and jolted, aimlessly swirled,
the tiny comforter sent flying,
and the creature inside being twirled,
thrown from its life, quickly dying.

Drowned in rushing salty sea,
and pushed and shoved around,
the tiny comforter longed to see,
the sanity of soft still ground.

Bashed onward, lost in white foam,
the tiny comforter spun fast,
thrown on to its new sandy home,
so different from that in its past.

Resting in sunshine on the sand,
missing the coolness of the sea,
the tiny comforter on dry land,
was not where it wished to be.

Waiting and drying in the heat,
the tiny comforter began to see,
as it listened to the distant heartbeat,
of the cold and beautiful salt sea.

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