When a Feminist Falls in Love

April 5, 2008
By Jennifer Smith, Medford Lakes, NJ

love-struck with an arrow in my side
i don't think it hit the right mark,
it's burning me up, reducing me to ashes!
will i be reborn as a phoenix?

wil cupid's arrow recreate me
into some other image?
a striking Aphrodite, a stunning Venus?

i have no time for these 'developments' that
lick across my flaws, diminishing my self.

if i change my identity for you,
is it theft?
can i turn back into the contours
of my previous position?

i wish to pull the arrow
from my own body
and place it into him who shot it;
maybe then Mr. Cupid would not be so eager
to mess in the affairs of busy people like me,
who have no time for a foolish thing like affection.

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