Acting on Impulse (Catch Me in the Shower)

April 5, 2008
I scare them away
But the saddest part is
I’ve a new one each day
That feeling when your heart starts to fizz
I come on too strong
It’s what everyone says
But I hope they’re wrong
‘Cause I can’t change who I am
I think that I’m pretty
I feel good in my skin
And people confuse flirting
For confidence of the body I’m in
I’m not one to mumble
Be shy, scared or blush
When I fall or tumble
I get up and brush
The dust off my clothes
And the leaves from my hair
They may laugh at my fall
But I really don’t care
The ones I like change quickly
Sometimes day to day
But the god’s honest truth
Is that I chase them away
I’m one for the simple
Let’s skip the formality
No need to be polite
I’m still acting like me
Who I am can’t be changed
And so don’t even try
I come on to strong
That’s the reason why
They’re scared by my confidence
(Maybe ego, it’s true)
But I’m happy who I am
The question is
Are you?
So one day I’ll find one
When my impulse brings me far
He’ll skip through the fine print
To right where we are
And he won’t mind my insanity
Throughout every scene
He’ll love who I am
He’ll know the truth of my character
And that I’m not just a fiend
So I wait for that day, week, and year of truth to survive
When my boyfriend and I, on impulse will thrive.

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