It Shall Whisper Your Name

April 4, 2008
By Randal Homberg, Phoenix, AZ

Stricken by illness
my days
are numbered
as I lie
in my deathbed
friends and family
mourn that I’ll
soon be no more
I pass on my final words
that I’ll always
be with them
in spirit
but I must
see you
before I am
no more
when you arrive
I confess my love to you,
and how you’re the only
one I’ll ever
truly love, even after death,
I then promise you
when my last breath
escapes me
it shall whisper your name
I’ll say I love you
then I’ll whisper your name
and like that
my promise
is fulfilled
my life as a spirit
now, begins
and my love for you
still knows no bounds

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